Elf — 10th Anniversary Edition

Ten years? Can that be right? It’s been a decade since Will Farrell made this juvenile Christmas classic?

Ok, so it’s a comedy with lots of burps and farts. Get over it. It IS a Christmas classic.

Farrell plays the lovable Buddy the Elf, a human somehow mixed up and deposited at the North Pole when he slipped into Santa’s bag by accident. Buddy is raised by elves, trained to be an elf and wants elfhood cast upon him until he discovers, much to his dismay, he’s not an elf. He’s human. So he leaves home of the North Pole and heads back to the land where he slipped in Santa’s sack — New York City.

Will Farrell, dressed as an elf, in New York City? What’s not to like?

James Caan plays Buddy’s natural father, a grumpy sort with no Christmas spirit. In this movie Zooey Deschanel proved she can sing while Mary Steenburgen proved she can’t.

Chances are you got this on Blu Ray a decade ago but if you didn’t now is your big chance to get it again in this release due November 5th. Extras are sure to be included but have yet to be revealed.

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